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Library Supplies

  • We do not sell barcode scanners, printers, computers, labels
  • all those items are available at your local office stores or e-commerce sites
  • below you will find links to the selected products that we tested with our software

Question: I would like to be able to use a scanner with this program. My school library has given me a WoneNice laser barcode scanner. Is this scanner compatible with Handy Library Manager? If not, which scanner do you recommend?

Answer: WoneNice is a good choice for our library system.

Question: Can you kindly let me know what types of scanners are compatible with this program? And once we have purchased the scanner, how do we link it so that the Handy Library Manager recognizes it?

Answer: Any 1-D bar code scanner support check in/out, auto-cataloging features. You just connect the scanner with the computer and our software recognizes it.

Question: I am wondering which barcode printers and which scanners will be supported by this software?

Question: Is there a scanner that comes with this program? Is the cost separate? I don't see any mention of the scanner on line.

Answer: We do not sell scanners, see our guide on how to purchase a scanner, the cost is separate.

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