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  • Predefined equipment tracking barcode labels.
  • Send PDF files to a printing facility and create the best quality labels or reports.

2000 equipment tracking labels, ready to print, several predefined label types to choose from.

Your items do not have bar code labels. You would like to have barcode labels printed in advance before entering data. We created several ready to use PDF files with up to 2000 bar code labels in different formats. You can pre-print labels, stick label to your item, and scan the bar code into the barcode field when entering data.

CODE39 barcode type is used. If you need another type please contact us. If you have barcodes and equipment/tool names in the spreadsheet format you can send the file to us and we can generate labels with barcode, number, title, and your business name. CODE39 bar code type, industry standard, is used for identification, inventory, and tracking equipment.

Please review equpment barcode label design, label type, and different purchase options:
durable labels, new templates,
standard labels, equipment tracking supplies,
specialized/customized asset tags, barcode labels.

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We offer Handy Library Manager application for libraries that includes the same print labels functionality. In addition, you can find more how-to and sample topics in the Handy Library-Print Labels help section.

 library software packages (included with handy e-t software):

school library
church library
non-profit org. library
business library
community library
small public library

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