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Equipment / Tool Search is a stand alone application.

  • Let users find equipment that they need for their project or work.
  • Let users find out equipment or tool status:
    - Is it in the equipment rental room or is it already loaned out?
    - How many items are available?
    - Where equipment or tools are stored?
  • Employees, contractors, patrons, students, all users of your check in-out room are allowed to search inventory catalogs.

You can customize some options of the Equipment/Tool Search module (search.ini).

equipment tool search

search inventory setup file

equipment search results

search.ini file is stored in the c:\handy_et\data\db folder.

[SearchBy] this section lists the fields that will be available for searching in the "Search By " drop-down lists. Each field name must be followed by = character. You can search by main inventory data fields (item name, category, type, manufacturer) or by copy specific data fields (barcode, serial number, location).

[Grid] this section contains the fields that will be displayed in the grid of the Search application. Each field name is followed by = character and the width of the column.

[db] this section defines the way results are displayed on the grid.
all_copies= without y character, only main items from the equipment catalog are listed on the grid.
all_copies=y all equipment copies from the equipment catalog are listed. You can use data fields from the copy (LOANED, COST, BARCODE, SERIAL NUMBER ...) in the Grid section.

[view] this part defines how inventory result data is displayed in the detail window.

equipment search customized view

This is another sample of the search configuration file for the equipment search application.

[Grid] section contains copy data fields: BARCODE.

[db] section has all_copies=y.

[view] section defines custom view catalogview.htm

This search sample list 4 copies of the Nikon D7100 camera, the detail window includes item name, copy barcode number, category, type, model number, location, and item image.

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