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  • Benefits of implementing labels.
  • Why should I use barcode labels when tracking my equipment?

What are the benefits of implementing barcode labels in Handy Equipment software?

  • You can eliminate human errors when performing check in and check out transactions.
  • Barcode label and barcode scanner data entry in loan transaction is very fast.
  • Barcode scanners are very easy to use.
  • Barcode scanners are inexpensive. Review: equipment tracking supplies
  • Barcode labels are inexpensive. Review: new templates, equipment tracking supplies.
  • Audit. Do you perform audit, would you like to check how many items are missing or stolen. Our application provides audit feature. You can use it if your equipment items have barcode labels.

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We offer Handy Library Manager application for libraries that includes the same print labels functionality. In addition, you can find more how-to and sample topics in the Handy Library-Print Labels help section.

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