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This topic explains:

  • how to set minimum levels for individual items
  • how to define views that display low quantity items

To set minimum quantities for individual items, you will need to do:

  • decide which field will store minimum quantity
  • assign a new name for the selected field
  • enter low quantity values
  • define queries that display items with quantities below low levels
  • Note: in order to use our search definitions (listed below) use the same field names: TOTAL_QTY, LOW_QTY (new name).

Options/Maintenance/Change Field Names:

choose field to store low quantity levels

USER6 is a numerical data field. Enter minimal levels into this field.

Rename this field to LOW_QTY. To save changes click Next and then click Apply Changes.

enter low quantities

To enter low quantities use the Quick Edit tab.

enter low quantities, add edit form

To enter low quantities use Add/Edit.

Simple search definition, displays all items with low quantities.

Search definition, displays inventory and consumable items with low quantities

Search definition, displays consumable items with low quantities.

Search definition, displays inventory items with low quantities.

If you use different field names you will have to use your names in search definitions.

Highlight the text in the box, use popup Copy feature, Paste the search definition into the Search Condition box.

define low quantity query

Enter search definition into the Search Condition (1) box. Click Search (2) to view results (3). Click Save (4) to save the search for future use.

define low quantity query

Predefined Low QTY Items run from the View.

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