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In this topic you will learn :

  • how to enter search condition directly into the search box
  • how to use SQL functions in the search definition (EXTRACT, MONTH, CURRENT_DATE)
  • how to reuse library search definitions
  • Copy and paste the below search definition into the Search Conditions (1) box:


  • The EXTRACT function is used to return MONTH (number from 1 to 12) from the LOANDATE.
    The EXTRACT function is used to return MONTH (number from 1 to 12)from the CURRENT_DATE function. It will be the current month value.
    The CURRENT_DATE function returns the current date.
  • The month from the loan date will be compared with the last month (current month - 1). Only loan transactions from the last month will be displayed.
  • Click Save (2) to save the search (query definition) for future use. Our library software allows you to save the most often used searches for future use.

  • Enter search name (Last Month Transactions) (1) into the Filter Name box.
  • Click Save (2).

  • Click View to display all predefined searches. The new search definition (query) is listed in the View box. Select Last Month Loans (1)
  • Select Is Equal To (2) in the Condition box.
  • Select any date (3) in the Value box.
  • Click Include (4).
  • Search condition is displayed in the Search Conditions box (5).

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