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Help, how to topics > How to define advanced search (query) and save it for future use?

This topic explains:

  • how to use library advanced search
  • how to save search/query definition for future use
  • how to execute predefined search
  • Select TYPE (1) in the Field box.
  • Select Contains in the Condition box.
  • Enter DVD (2) into the Value box.
  • Click Include (3).
  • Search condition is displayed in the Search Conditions box (4).

  • Click OR (1). We will define Boolean search with OR condition (Type=DVD OR TYPE=CD).
  • Enter CD (2) into the Value box.
  • Click Include (3).
  • New search condition is displayed in the Search Conditions box (4).

  • Click Search (1).
  • Review results (2). Library main table displays only library items that have CD or DVD type.
  • Click Save (3) to save the search (query definition) for future use. If you use some searches very often you do not want to repeat the search definition each time. Our small library software allows you to save the most often used searches for future use.

  • Enter search name (Movies Music) (1) into the Filter Name box.
  • Click Save (2).

  • Click Clear (1) to display all items in the library main catalogue.
  • Click View to display all predefined searches. The new search is listed in the View box. Select Movies Music (2)

  • The selected View is displayed in the View box (1).
  • Review items displayed (2), only library DVDs and CDs are displayed in the main catalogue.
  • Click Clear (3) to return to all library items.

Question: This is exactly what I want to do, but I'm trying to figure out how to filter by shelf or section. With Dewey classification, the books are grouped by fiction (FIC), picture books (PIC), biographies (B) and then by number from 0-999. So if I just wanted to print out the books in one section (say anatomy, or Canadian history) they would be in the 600 section, or the 900's. This would essentially be the same as printing out the labels by shelf. I tried to do a Boolean search with 6xx and 6** and 6?? (With and without quotation marks) but it didn't work.

Answer: To display books that have 6## in the call use the following definition in the advanced search box: CALL LIKE '%6__%'. There are 2 underscore characters they indicate any character or number, the above will list all records that have any 3 digit 6## value in the CALL

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