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Advantage Help > Templates > Append data from another database.

Append data from another database.

Use this function if you want to copy the data between databases (SQL Firebird).

For example you can use this feature in situations like in the following examples:

  • We offer Handy Library Manager and Organizer Advantage with the same library tables. You can use Append Records From Another DB feature to process your library catalogue data in our Organizer Advantage.
  • We offer Small Museum solution for Organizer Advantage. The software can be installed on several computers where users add data for different collections. After the data entry is completed, users can send corresponding databases to the main computer where all data could be combined into one database.

Append Records From Another Db

  • Start Organizer Advantage and click on Append from DB.
  • Click Select and select the source database in the Append From Database File box. (Firebird Database).
  • Select the table from the Append From Table list.
  • Select the table in the Destination Table list (it lists all tables for the currently opened database).
  • Click Append to copy the data from source table into the destination table.
  • Important: The table’s field names define the data transfer mapping.

append data from another database

How to find the database file name?

Load the database and select the table. Review the program's title bar. The title bar displays the name of the database file. In this case the database file name is db9.fdb.

check the database file name on the application's title bar:

advantage, find database file name

open Windows File Explorer, select the database folder:

advantage, find database folder and database file name


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