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Advantage Designer lets you modify our solutions or easily create new databases.
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Advantage Help > Add Data > Data Entry Controls

easy-to-use database manager and database designer for Windows

Controls used in the data entry/edit forms

Controls are used for entering, displaying, and changing the data. Controls have popup menues, icons, or buttons that offer many useful functions.

  • Simple Text: Simple Text (1) fields accept text in one line.
  • Dates: Date Fields (2) store dates.
  • Drop-Down Lists: Drop-Down Lists (3) allow to select an item from from the list.
  • Images: The Image field (4) displays image. It stores only link to the image file.
  • Numeric: Numeric (5) fields store numbers.
  • Web Browser Field: The Web Browser Field (Web Address Field) (6) allows you to enter Web Page address.
  • E-Mail: These data fields (7) allow you to enter e-mail address and later start an e-mail application and send email messages.
  • Memo: The Memo field (8) accepts text in multiple lines. It can hold up to 1GB of text data.
  • Attachment: The attachment data field allows you to store file names. You can start an associated application with a corresponding file.
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