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Kit building feature can help you to:

  • Group items together such as electronic equipment, photo equipment, construction tools and equipment, laboratory equipment, specialist tools based on their functionality, usability, or placement.
  • Process one check out and check in transaction for all items that belong to a kit.

  1. Turn On/Off Kit Management.
  2. Manage Kits.
  3. Create a Kit.
  4. Add Items to a Kit.
  5. Check Out, Check In.
  6. Kit Report Sample.
  7. Manage inventory and consumable items in kits (Quantity features).

We offer Handy Library Manager application for libraries that includes the same kits management functionality. In addition, you can find more how-to and sample topics in the Handy Library-Kit-Management help section.

kit content report

kit report sample, with inventory and consumable items

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