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How to customize check out transaction receipt and include all checked out items? (v3.0)

Starting from version 3.0 you can include all checked out items in the customized receipt.

There are two new keywords that let you list all checked out items:

equipment custom receipt, include all items

Custom receipt is defined in the prt_receipt.txt file.

Handy Equipment/Tool Manager checks if there is a receipt file (prt_receipt.txt) in the data folder (C:\handy_et\data\db\), if yes then custom receipt is created, if the file is not present the regular receipt is created.

Download the custom check out receipt, all items file, modify it, save file as prt_receipt.txt, and save it in the data folder (C:\handy_et\data\db\).

Use keywords:
FIELD<INVENTORY:ITEM_NAME> inventory main items table + item field name
FIELD<BORROWERS:NAME> borrowers table + borrower field name
FIELD<LOAN:LOANDATE> loan transaction table + loan field name
FIELD<LOAN:I_BARCODE> equipment/tool barcode number

Keywords in the form are replaced with data from the check out transaction.

Click Print Receipt to print or click Preview to preview.

Question: Add text to check out receipt. We need to add a disclaimer and signature field to the check out report so it can be printed and have the borrower sign it. Where can I enter this information?

Answer: Review instructions how to create a custom receipt.

We offer Handy Library Manager application for libraries that includes the same check-in/check-out functionality. In addition, you can find more how-to and sample topics in the Handy Library-Check In/Out help section.

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