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Advantage Help > Templates > Install Template

Templates / Install Template

You can install the database solution from the file on your computer. You will use this command in the following two situations:

  1. On our web site (Solution Center) you can find customized database templates that are not listed in the Download Template window. In this case the web page will list a link to a file that you can download and save on your computer.
  2. We offer database creation services, users who ordered a customized database will use this command to install the database

How to install the database from the template file:

  1. Save the template file into the temporary folder on your computer.
  2. Start Organizer Advantage and click on Install Templates in the Template toolbar section.
  3. Select the template file and click Open.
  4. After the installation is completed, the Download Template window closes, and Organizer Advantage automatically opens a new database with the downloaded template.
  5. Review the template.

click Install Template:

template, install template,downloaded file

select the template file:

template, select the template file

enter your template name:

template, select the template file

review message:

template, review message

after a successful installation a new template opens automatically:

template, new template, successful installation, open automatically


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