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Library Circulations.

Process check in, check out, renewal, and reservation transactions in two places:

  1. Library administrator can open the Check In/Out transaction window in the main application.
  2. Volunteers and library patrons can use the check in/out application: (library add-ons).

Process the above transactions in the following ways:

  • Use a barcode scanner and an item barcode label or borrower ID card.
  • Enter barcodes manually.
  • Select items and borrowers using the Lookup feature.

There are two barcode scanning modes.

  • Enter Key: scanned/entered number is processed after Enter key is pressed.
  • Timer (check-in/out automatic): the scanned/entered number is processed after a small time delay (use this mode when using a scanner).


Question: I am using Handy Library Manager in a small catholic school. I am a librarian at a nearby public school and only check in and check out books. I do no processing of books or setting up the program. Is there any way to set the program so I do not have to click enter after every barcode scan. It is very cumbersome and frustrating to have to click after every scan.

Answer: Of course, you can set the auto-processing feature. This feature is for users that process check-in and check-out transactions with the barcode scanners. You can review: checking in, checking out, checking options.

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