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How to print spine labels for recently modified library records?

library items, clear print copy marker
  1. In the copy section click the right mouse button to display popup menu.
  2. Select Clear Copy Marker for All Copies for All Items.

select library items, modify call number

Modify data. In this sample we modify call numbers for some randomly selected records (CALL data field in the copy section).

  1. Find library items and enter modifications.
  2. Click Edit to modify copy data.

library edit copy data
  1. New CALL value is entered for the selected copy (FAR).
  2. After or before you modify the record don't forget to set Print Copy Marker.

edit call number
  1. Another copy item is modified. The new call number value is entered (HAG).
  2. Again the Print Copy Marker is checked.

library management select predefined view
  • There are three copies with new call numbers, and the Copy Print Marker selected.
  • Click on the View box and select Copy Print Marker Checked.

library catalog, executed view
  • Copy Print Marker Checked is executed and only records that satisfy the view condition are displayed. (It has the following view (search) definition: PRINT_C=Y)
  • PRINT_C is a data field in the copy section of the item. When the librarian sets Print Copy Marker the program automatically enters Y value into the PRINT_C data field.
  • Review displayed items.

select predefined label report
  1. To print spine labels for displayed items click on the Labels box and select predefined label.

preview, print spine labels for selected copies
  1. Three spine labels are displayed in the quick preview window.
  2. To change the starting label enter starting position in the Print From Label box.
  3. Click Quick Preview to review changes, click Print Labels to print.

Question: If I need to print just a few labels (either a spine label or barcode label) how do I select just the few items I need printed without printing the whole database?

Answer: This sample explains how to use PRINT flag. Please review other topics that show how to use Advanced Search: How to print library new items?

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