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This topic explains:

  • how to print one label when all items are displayed in the grid
  • how to set print options for one label
  • how to change the starting label position
library print one spine label
  1. Click Display Each Copy to display all copies in the grid.
  2. Find a record, click on the record to select it.
  3. Click Edit to open the Edit window.

modify copy data
  1. Enter modifications. In this sample the new call number is entered.
  2. Click Save/Close.

  1. Review modification.
  2. Do not change the selection of the record.
  3. Click the Labels box and select predefined label report.

  1. In the Quick Preview review the layout of the label report.
  2. To print only one label for the recently modified item (it is the selected item in the grid) do the following:
    2a: click From Current in the Record section
    2b: click 1 Record in the Print section
    2c: enter 4 in the Print From Label box (we want to print on the 4th label)
  3. Click Preview Labels.

  • Review all settings in the Print Preview window.
  • Click Print icon to print the label.

Question: Is it possible to run off more then one label at a time but not all? We are just getting going with the new program. You converted our data for us. We have over 5000 items in our library and want to add bar code labels. We would like to do one section at a time. We are volunteers in a church library.

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