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How to define a new label type?

The printing label feature in Handy Library provides many ready to use label templates for Avery or Demco products (over 60 label templates are predefined). There are label templates for North America (letter paper size) and Europe (A4 paper size).

You can use labels that are not in the list of predefined labels. To create a new label template is very simple. Measure your labels and margins and enter the measurements in the template setup boxes.

custom label, measure labels

Count how many labels Across.

Count how many labels Down.

Measure the label Width.

Measure the label Height.

Measure the label Horizontal Pitch (Width + H. Gap).

Measure the label Vertical Pitch (Height + V. Gap).

Measure page margins (Left and Top).

Across = 3, Down = 8
Width = 2.5, Height = 1
Horiz. = 2.6875, Vert. = 1.25
Left = 0.3125, Top = 0.625

print labels, select european labels

Open the Print Labels window.

Click the Label Type (1) tab.

Click Custom (2).

Type the measurements in the template boxes (3) (Across, Down, Width, Height ...).

Click Quick Preview (4) to verify the setting.

Click Save Labels (5) to save the customized label template for future use.

Are your labels on A4 paper size? Review how to set the sheet size.


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