Handy Library Manager  for Windows

Help, how to topics > Options > Define users?

User option, passwords.

Define login name and password to the library Administrator (main program) and ad-ons: check in/out, data entry, search modules.

How to define user ids and passwords for the library administrator, search, data entry, check in/out applications?

I was wondering if there would be a way to create multiple user IDs and passwords for different circulation workers. Basically, my hope is that each circulation worker could have their own set of ID/Password to use when working. That way there is a mistake, I can catch who made the mistake and retrain them. Please let me know if that is at all possible with this system.
I just know there is one overarching set of Usernames/Passwords for the different type of Users. I wasn't sure about creating multiple Usernames/Passwords for several of the same type of User.

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