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Library check in/out processing options:

  • Check In / Out Receipt Heading (1): define the heading that will be displayed on the top of the check out transaction receipt.
  • Display Auto Processing Option (2): check this option to display Auto Processing check box in the transaction window. Use Auto Processing with barcode scanner and item/patron barcodes labels.
  • Barcode Scanning Mode (3): if you use barcode scanner set the Timer, it will process the entry from the barcode after a very small time delay, set ENTER key if you enter barcode values manually or you use lookup feature when selecting items or patrons.
  • Display Check Out Notes Field (4):
  • administrator is allowed to enter any note when processing check out transactions. This note is recorded in the check out transaction.
  • Display Additional Item Field (5): define additional item data field that will be displayed. It is only displayed for the library administrator to verify data. This field is not recorded in the check out transaction.
  • Display Additional Borrower Field (6): define additional patron data field that will be displayed. It is only displayed for the library administrator to verify data. This field is not recorded in the check out transaction.
  • Display Check Out Extra 1, 2 Fields (7): you can display 2 extra fields from the Borrowers database in the check in/out transaction window. Define extra data fields in the loan.map file. The values from the selected fields will be recorded in the check out transaction. Example: you have grade-2 students. You enter teacher name and grade into the student record. You can record the student grade and the teacher name in the loan transaction.
  • Do not display Check In / Auto Processing Warnings (8): use this option when you process check in transaction for many books using barcode scanner.
  • Display Item/Borrower Name Lookup Dropdowns (9): you can display lookup dropdown boxes. Small libraries that don't use barcode scanners will have easy access to item and borrower selection. Lookup boxes let you find and item or borrower on the first few letters that you type in. (new in version 2.4, July, 2017)
  • Check In/Out Utility Option: decide what type of transactions could be processed in the Check In/Out module.
  • Simple Mode (10) CHECK IN/OUT utility allows an operator to override predefined parameters (example: due date, quantity limits, transaction note). Simple Mode option let's you disable override features. (new in version 2.4, July, 2017)

1 - Receipt Heading opiton.

2 - Display Auto Processing Option.
3 - Barcode Scanning Mode.
4 - Display Check Out Notes Field.
5 - Display Additional Item Field (publisher is displayed)
6 - Display Additional Borrower Field (expiry date is displayed)
7 - Display Check Out Extra 1, 2 Fields

Extra data fields are defined in the loan.map file.

EXTRA1, EXTRA2 are data fields from the Loans table. CUSTOM1, CUSTOM2 are the names of the data fields from the Borrowers table (you can replace CUSTOM1, CUSTOM2 with any field names from the Borrowers table).

When check out transaction is executed the program will save the value of the CUSTOM1 in the EXTRA1 and CUSTOM2 in the EXTRA2.

In the above example the Teacher Name is entered into CUSTOM1, the student grade is entered into CUSTOM2. Those values will be stored in EXTRA1 and EXTRA2.

Barcode Options should be set only once before any items or borrowers are added. If you do not enter your barcode values the program will generate numbers in the format defined in the Barcode Options. In this case items will have barcode values like: LIB00001, LIB00002, ,LIB01999, borrowers will have barcode values like: PAT0000001, PAT0000002, ,PAT0000999

I have downloaded the trial version of the software as I am hoping to buy in the next few days, I just want to make sure that it has all the functionality I need. In the version I downloaded there is no space to add notes for checked out items (we need to add in about people sharing books). However when I looked up tutorial videos, that option is there. I am just wondering is it because it is not available in the trial version or why do I not have this option?

Answer: In the Check In/Out Options set Display Check Out Notes Field (4).

I am a middle school teacher running a small middle school library. I am often not available to check books out for students since I also teach. So students need to be able to easily check books out independently.
Problem 1:
I have set a 3-book limit for checkout...however when I try checking out more than 3 books, I see a message that says "Max Number of items exceeded! The borrower should return some items first." And then below is the option to override the 3 book limit .
Is it possible to make it so that students can NOT override the 3 book limit? Kids taking way too many books is one of the main reasons we are switching to a new library system..so this is very important!
Problem 2: When I look at the check out/check in tabs, on the left hand side there is a button that says "return all". But I don't want a kid to click "return" without actually having returned the books...this is why I have volunteer librarians handle all book returns. Is there a way to disable this feature so that kids cant pretend to return a book while actually keeping it?

Answer: In the Check In/Out Options use Simple Mode feature (10).

Were do we set the default start from Bar code?

Answer: If you already entered library items, the program does not allow you to change automatically generated barcode numbers. For the new library you can do the following:
- test library features
- run Empty Library
- reset database IDs
- set the initial number in the LIB_COPIES box.

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