Organizer Advantage is powerful yet easy to use database manager for Windows.
Advantage Designer lets you modify our solutions or easily create new databases.
Take control of your data with our simple or buinsess database software solutions.

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Advantage Help > Options > Custom Fields

Custom Fields Settings

You can use Company Info and Custom Fields in Calculated, Query-Edit, and SQL Query of Numeric, Integer, Text fields. The format is:
@:Y1, @:Y2, etc. for Custom fields.
If you want to use any Custom fields as numeric values in expressions, use @:NY1, @:NY2, etc. (N means Numeric).


Enter tax value into the Custom 1 Field (7.5). Use Info to enter explanation about the value. In the Designer define TAX_RATE = @NY1

custom fields, use in calculations, how to refer to them


custom fields, define your state tax

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