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Advantage Help > Options > User Interface 2

User Interface 2, Settings

You can control the cursor position for some data entry/display controls (simple text boxes, drop-down list boxes). The cursor position setting will help you avoid unwanted data deletion or allow you to speed entry or modification of the existing data. (1)

You can hide selected toolbars that you don't plan to use. (2)

You can display the view page on the top. The View page displays the data and images in a webpage format. (3)

options, user interface 2, toolbars

(1) Cursor at the start of the entry in the drop-down box.
(2) Only selected toolbars are listed.

options, user interface 2, result

(3) The View panel displays on the top.

options, user interface 2, view panel

Toolbars, View Tab, Drop-Down Boxes, Simple Text

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