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Usually, you will use Single-User Mode on a stand-alone computer and Multi-User Mode on a network. However, if you are not concerned with security on your network (e.g. a small number of reliable users) you may use this software in Single-User Mode (it will still work correctly when multiple users access the same record) - this simplifies the setup. Everybody will access the same set of databases. No user ids and passwords will be required. On the other hand, you may want to use Multi-User Mode on a stand-alone computer if there will be more than one user and each user will have different access rights.

1-User Mode. No Login
Use the application in 1-User Mode in the following situation: The application is installed on a stand-alone computer and only you are accessing the program. The application is installed on a network or on a stand alone computer and is accessed by a small number of reliable users.

1-User Mode. Password Only
Use the application in 1-User Mode with the password if you want to restrict access to the program for other users of the computer or network. To access the program only the password will be required.

Multi-User Mode. User ID and Passwords
Use the application in this configuration if you want to set unique login names and passwords for users who will be accessing the program. In this mode, only the administrator can add users, set their login names and passwords, and define access type (full access, limited access, read only access).


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