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How to print "equipment cost by category" report?

equipment inventory cost report by category
  1. Select data fields to be included on the report. The following equipment data fields will be displayed: equipment item name, type, category, and cost (1). Click on the field and check the column width value. To set a new value select the field and enter new value into the Width box and click Set Width. Select the COST data field and check the Total box (the cost summary for every category will be included).
  2. Select CATEGORY (2) in the Group By box. Items will be grouped by category.
  3. Select CATEGORY in the All Fields box and click the Green icon to include the field in the Included Fields in Group Report Header (3).
  4. Click Quick Preview (4) to review report settings.
  5. Click Preview Report to review the report. You can print report or save it to a pdf file.

If you are going to use this layout in the future you can save report settings.

Click Save Report in the Print Report window.

In the Save Report window enter the name and description.
Report Name entered: Equipment Cost By Category.
Report Description entered: Equipment cost report by category, includes equipment title, type, category, cost, and total cost by equipment category.

Preview report.

You can run saved reports from the equipment inventory main administration panel. Click Reports, select Inventory + Items, and double click on the report name to execute.

Saved reports are listed in the Report (1) box.

When you run the report from the Inventory table the report will only include items that are displayed in the window. In this case only items that have "canon eos" in the title are displayed (2). Only those items will be included in the report.

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