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This topic explains:

  • How to print barcode labels for recently added inentory records?
  • How to use DATE_ADDED in Advanced Search?

How to print barcode labels for recently added assets?

Each time you add a new equipment record or a new additional copy, our equipment management software automatically inserts date value into DATE_ADDED data field (copy section).

Define advanced search with DATE_ADDED data field to display only items that you entered recently.

asset barcode labels, print only todays items
  • Open the inventory main catalog window.
  • Check Display Each Copy (A). You should be in the Copy View mode.
  • Use strong>Advanced Search.
  • Select DATE_ADDED in the Field box (1).
  • Select condition type in the Condition box (2).
  • Select date value from the Calendar (3).
  • Click Include (4).
  • Click Search (5). Search condition is executed and the main catalogue displays items that satisfy the condition.
  • Click Print Labels or Print Reports (7). Labels or reports will only include the currently displayed items (6).

print new equipment bar code labels
  • All reports and labels executed from the inventory main catalogue window include only currently displayed items. In this case there were 3 records displayed that satified search condition, only 3 records are on the barcode labels.

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