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Question: Printing individual labels. Is there a way to specify where on the label sheet to print an individual barcode label or set of labels? We want to use up a sheet of labels where the top few rows have already been used.

You can print from any position; you can print multiple copies of the same label; you can print one label or all, you can from first or current, you can print only labels for recently modified records.

Question: I want a software system that will print dewey spine lables and create dewey based card catelogues. Does yours do that? I can't find it in the demo. If not, why not. It would seem basic to any real small library that is a library and not just a collection of books and CDs that was going to be checked out and searched by more than just one person.
Answer: You catalog your library items. If the data includes Dewey information, you can have it on your spine labels. You can try using our auto-cataloging feature and select the Library of Congress as the search source. Search results from the Library of Congress include Dewey's value.

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