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  • How to print asset tags from pdf file?
  • How to print bar code labels from pdf file?
  • How to remove margin settings in pdf readers?

Your bar code or tag labels are not aligned correctly when printing from your PDF reader (example: Adobe Reader, Foxit). You will have to verify if the PDF reader software is not trying to scale the printed document. Please review images: try to turn off any: page scaling, fit to page, or page margins options. Always print one test page on regular paper before you print all labels. Compare the sample printed page with your label page.

Acrobat Reader: set "Actual Size" in the Print window.

This should take care of the alignment problems.

Foxit Reader: set "None" in the Scale section.

This should take care of the alignment problems.

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I printed off the labels from your PDF file on 5161 Avery labels, ... they don't line up properly. How can I re-adjust them so I can make them fit?

The barcode labels that you created for us for our equipment seem to be getting cut off when printing. How to fix this printing problem?

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