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This topic explains:

  • how to check out consumable item
  • what happens after transaction is executed

check out consumable items, check out quantity of the item

Scan or enter borrower barcode number into the Enter, Scan Barcode (1) box. You can also use the Borrower Selection (2) box.

The borrower is selected automatically (3) or after Enter key is pressed (choose your barcode scanning mode in Options).

Scan or enter an item number into the Enter, Scan, Barcode (1) box. You can also use the Item Selection (2) box.

The item is selected automatically (3) or after Enter key is pressed.

Enter quantity (4) or use the up arrow buttons to increase the quantity.

Click the Check Out (5) button to finalize the transaction.

What happens after consumable items are checked out?

Item is not listed in the Active Loans section. Item will not be returned.

Item is listed in the Loan History (1) section.

Checked out quantity is subtracted from the item total quantity.

The check out transaction automatically sets the value of the RETURNDATE. The value is not empty. It means that the item does not have to be returned.

Inventory Main Catalog.

Inventory Main Catalog. The total quantity of the item is decreased by the checked out quantity (190-10=180).

How to return CONSUMABLE items?

Open the Circulation window in the Check In (1) mode.

Select borrower (2), select consumable item (3).

Enter returned quantity (4) and click Check In (5).

Some comments :

Check In / Check Out button is not disabled after the transaction on purpose (as long as quantity available is > 0). This allows a quick second transaction if someone changes his/her mind. For example, someone checks out 50 screws and then says, give me 20 more.

When consumable items are checked out their ReturnDate is set to 1 less than LoanDate. This allows most queries in the program to work correctly.

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