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This topic explains:

  • how to enter consumable item
  • how to define initial quantity

enter consumable item, enter initial quantity

Click the Add button in the Main Inventory window.

Select Consumable (1) in the item type section. Enter initial quantity (2) of the item.

Enter item general information (3): item name, type, storage, category, and more.

If you have image of the item on your computer click the Select Picture (4) button and select the image file.

enter consumable item, enter details

Click on the Item-Info tab and enter additional data about the consumable item (price, location, item notes, size, and condition).

Click the Save button to save the entry.

If this item has already a barcode, enter or scan it into the BARCODE field. If you leave it empty the program will generate a unique number. All copies of the same consumable item will have the same number. You can print label and use it on a storage box, container, or catalog identification card.

new consumable item

New item is listed in the main inventory window.

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