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Handy Equipment-Tool Manager provides several ways where you can manage item quantities: from the grid popup menu (1), click the Edit (2) button, click the QTY (3) button.

Only CONSUMABLE and INVENTORY items let you change the total quantity. You can add quantity (positive number selected), or you can remove quantity (negative number selected).

increase, decrease transaction window

Item details are displayed in the left upper corner of the window. You can verify if the right item was selected. The following information is listed: ITEM TYPE, ITEM TITLE, BARCODE, TOTAL_QTY

Use up/down arrows to increase/decrease the number.

Enter transaction details into the COMMENT field (receipt number, invoice number, lost note).

Click OK to save.

how to display qty transactions for the selected item

How to review qty transactions for the selected item?

Select the item. Use Search or select the item on the grid (1).

On the Quantity (2) tab click the Item Qty History button.

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