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What you need to know about some data fields.

Equipment/Tool Item Record consists of two groups of data fields: Main Item Fields and Copy Item Fields. You will use Main Item Fields and Copy Item Fields when you create a new record for the first time. You will use only Copy Item Fields when you enter multiple copies of the item.

ITEM_NAME: The ITEM_NAME data field cannot be left empty. In order to save the record you need to enter item's name. With the ITEM_NAME value the program will support all equipment/tool rental functions.

TYPE, CATEGORY, STORAGE, MODEL, MANUFACTURER, SUPPLIER, ..: The name of the field explains what information should be entered. All fields are searchable, support sorting, display on the grid, can be used in reports or labels, or you can rename them to support your equipment rental facility requirements.

BARCODE: The program is using this field in the check in check out, search, and bar code labels. When the barcode is scanned from the item bar code label (or entered manually) our equipment check in/out system is comparing this value with values stored in the BARCODE data field. When there is a match, the item is selected and item data is displayed in the check in / check out window. You can enter BARCODE numbers in two ways: you can enter your existing numbers (typing in, scanning from the label, or importing from spreadsheet), or you can leave this field empty and our system will create numbers for you. Note: BARCODE data field is used in many ready to use equipment/tool barcode label templates.

DATE_ADDED: When you create a new item record our application creates automatically one item's copy. In the item's copy section there is the DATE_ADDED data field. Handy Equipment/Tool Manager creates automatically DATE_ADDED value. It is equal to the entry date. Use this field when defining the inventory search or filter in the following situations: print barcode labels for new items, print barcode labels for new items, print new items inventory report, sort your data by entry date.

TYPE: Use this field to set the item type (example: Electronics, Power Tools, Equipment ...). We suggest that you use the value of this field when setting check out rules: define check out limits by item type, define loan period by item type, or do not allow to loan reference materials. This field is pre-selected for loan rule definitions: Options/Loan Options.

PRINT, PRINT_C:Item/Copy record offers two Print Marker data fields (a main item entry offers PRINT; a copy entry offers PRINT_C; use PRINT_C when you have multiple copies of the same item). If you modify records randomly and later you would like to process only this group of records use PRINT or PRINT_C markers. The program will let you easily select and process records with print markers set to ON.

LOANED: The field is listed in the item's copy section. Item is checked out the value of this fields is set to Y. Use this field in the search definition to display loaned out items in the main inventory window.

LOAN_TYPE: The field is listed in the item's copy section. Use this field when you would like to overwrite loan rule that is using the TYPE data field. Use this field when you have multiple copies of the same item and some copies are allowed to be checked out and some are not allowed.

CUSTOM1-CUSTOM9: User data fields. You decide how to implement those fields. For example you can check in/out sport/athletic equipment.

IDNO, ID: With every new record the software creates unique record identification numbers. IDNO for the new record will increase by 1. You can sort records by IDNO, it will be the data entry order. ID is the unique identification number that is assigned to the copy record. The program's automated barcode number is using ID value.

INVENTORY, MISSING: Those fields are used by the inventory feature.

KIT_ID, KIT_ID_LOAN: Those fields are used when equipment/tool kit functionality is activated.

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