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Add-ons: check in/out, search, data entry.

  1. Handy Library Manager: main application.
  2. Check In and Out App: process circulation transactions.
  3. Search (desktop OPAC): search library catalogs.
  4. Data Entry Module: enter new items and borrowers.
  5. Data Transfer Module: transfer data from Library Pro to Handy Library.

We also offer a web search app: Search (web OPAC)

  • Data Entry Module.

Handy Library Manager version 2. 0 or up:

Question: Our librarians will be checking books in and out. This will require them to be able to create a new borrower record. I do not want them to have access to the entire program so I think they could potentially use libadd.exe. Two issues: 1. This functionality also allows them to create lib items which we do not want them to do. Is there another solution or do we just need to train them NOT to use it? 2. The exe also allows then to create a new borrower. This is good but you cannot check out a book to a new borrower. How would the librarian check a book out then without full access.

Answer: Volunteers should learn how to use the app to add only borrowers. The Data Entry module does not allow moving the new entries to the main library system. This feature is supported by the main program that the administrator maintains.

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