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How to handle missing, lost, old, or damaged library items?

Handy Library Manager software, version 4.4 or up, supports the new missing and lost items feature. We added this feature in response to several user requests.

  • Do not rush with movement or deletion of the missing items from the library main catalog.
  • Lost items are very often found by patrons after several weeks, missing items are spotted in the library at different locations.
  • When Item is moved or deleted all related loan transactions will be deleted from the Loan table.
  • You can move loan transactions to OLD_LOANS table, but if item is found you cannot reactivate old loans linked with the found item.
  • Library main catalogue provides many additional data fields. You can use one of them to enter "a temporary lost" note (who, when, details).
  • Only move items when you are sure that they are lost. Try to implement simple procedure that your library administrators (volunteers) could easily follow.
  • Best practice for deleting (moving) lost items from the main library catalog: Run a lost item report at the end of the year, school semester, after 3-6 months schedule. Check items listed in the report, confirm the lost status. Use Move or Delete command.
  • What is the difference between missing and lost items? Lost items are ones that have been checked out to a borrower and not returned. Missing items are ones that should be on the shelf but cannot be located.

missing, lost library items good suggestion

Choose a data field to enter "missing item note".

There are many additional data fields (CUSTOM01 - CUSTOM9).

missing, lost library items

Use Advanced Search to display only items with the "missing note".

Print a report with missing items.

Review if there were check out transactions after "missing note" was entered.

Review if the item is back on the shelf.

missing, lost library items, copy notes field

If you have multiple copies you can use COPY_NOTES data field to enter "missing item" note.

check in/out select missing note data field

In addition to regular data fields you can display one extra field in the check in/out window.

Maybe you would like to display "missing note" there.

CUSTOM1 data field selected in the Display Additional Item Field.

check in/out, display missing note

Easily verify "temporary missing" items when checking items out.

I am struggling trying to figure out how to deal with lost books. If I mark them as lost, I seem to lose their info and then if they get returned it's a hassle and I basically have to re-enter them. I'm thinking of just marking them as lost in some field, but not sure which one to do this in. I'd like to generate a list of lost books to help me decide which ones to reorder. It makes me wonder if there are other users I could talk to? Have you thought about a forum where library users could talk to each other and share tips?

It's a good idea to mark the item as "temporary lost" in a field of your choice. How to delete or remove library lost item?

How do you get items into the Lost Library database? I assumed it would through the move function (like how you get items from New Items into the Main library), but that doesn't seem to be the case and I couldn't seem to find anything about it in the knowledgebase.

I have 4 books in library that are current checked out to borrowers, but they are lost books. I had moved those books to the lost items but moved back to the active library so that I could check the books in. When I go to check them in it gives me a message that they are already checked in. I tried to edit the book itself to change in the loans database and it will not allow me to edit the date checked in.

Item is moved to lost items table. The system deletes all item’s loan transactions. When the item is moved back to the system the new id is created (it's like the add new item feature is used).

Question: I have been purging old and tattered books off our shelves. I'm wanting to notate on my inventory that they are not on the shelves anymore, but I'm not ready to delete them from our system yet. Is there a way to do this? I also need directions on how to mark a book in the inventory as lost.

Answer: You can use the STATUS data field. the field is listed in the copy section of the book record.

Question: A student has lost a book. How do I do that in the library system?

Answer: You can process the check-in transaction, mark the item as lost in the TITLE or CUSTOM data field, or move the item to the Library Lost table.

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