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How to transfer data from Small Library Pro to Handy Library Manager?

  1. start Transfer module (dbf_db.exe file in the program folder);
  2. select Organizer Pro DATA folder;
  3. select import from library database;
  4. select import into library database;
  5. define multiple copy character(optional);
  6. define field mapping;
  7. execute transfer;
  8. start Handy Library Manager;
  9. open LIBRARY_NEW table and verify your records;
  10. if everything is correct move records from LIBRARY_NEW to LIBRARY MAIN CATALOG;
  11. if there are errors (mapping error, wrong multiple copy indicator, ...), delete all records in the LIBRARY_NEW, and repeat the above steps again;

Select Organizer Pro data folder.

  1. In the Data Transfer window click Select Folder.

  1. Find your Library Pro installation folder.
  2. Double click on the DATA folder to select the folder.
  3. Click OK to close the window.

  1. Click on the Table to Import From and select Library.

  1. Verify the data folder for the Handy Library Manager.
  2. Click on the Table to Import Into box and select LIBRARY_NEW.
  3. Transfer Manager imports new records to a temporary database (LIBRARY_NEW). You will review all transferred items before you move them to the main library catalog.

Define multiple copy character

In our Library Pro application we suggested to use "-" character and a number for multiple copies of the same book. Handy Library Manager takes care of your multiple copies in a better way. In order to create items with multiple copies the copy indicator should be removed. If you are not sure about how to do that you can create a backup file of your library pro system and send the backup file to us.

  1. In our Library Pro application we suggest to use "Title", "-", and "number" for multiple copies.
  2. Enter your multiple copy character into the Multiple Copy Symbol box.

If you did not use the multi copy symbol don't use this option.

If you don't use this option then items will be listed in Handy Library Manager the same way as in the Library Pro solution.

Define field mapping
  1. Click Include All. Data fields from the Library Pro will be paired with fields that have the same name in the Handy Library Manager.
  2. Handy Library Manager has some data fields with different names. Those pairings (mappings) have to be defined manually:

If you modified field names in your Library Pro Organizer then you have to define your mapping definitions manually.

  1. To transfer your data to Handy Library, click Start Importing.

  1. Review messages in the Transfer Items Status window.
  2. Click Close.

Start Handy Library Manager, open LIBRARY_NEW table and verify your records.

  1. Start Handy Library Manager. On the Add Items/Patrons tab click Add Library Items.
  2. Review new items in the LIBRARY_NEW table.

Move records from LIBRARY_NEW to MAIN CATALOG.

  1. On the Move Items tab, select All Items, and click Move Items.

  1. Review messages in the Moving Items Status window.
  2. Important: check New barcode count (number of new copies with a new barcode value). If a barcode of a moved item already exists in the main library catalog, a new barcode will be created. Barcode labels for such items will have to be reprinted. COPY_NOTES field of those items will contain "new barcode" text. PRINT_C marker of those items will be set.

  1. In the Library main catalog window verify new items and copies.

Moving items from LIBRARY_NEW to LIBRARY main catalog, things to know:

  • the program checks if the new item already exists in the main library catalog
  • if the item does not exist a new item with one copy is created
  • if the item is already in the main library catalog (the same title and the same ISBN) then only a new copy is created for the existing item
  • if the new item does not have a barcode number then a new (unique) barcode value is created
  • if the new item has a barcode value then the program checks if this number is correct (not a duplicate value), if barcode is already used then the moving procedure assigns a new (unique) barcode value

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