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How to select labels, where to buy library labels, and more?

The Print Label feature lets your library print book or patron labels. The software already includes all the most popular label types. If the label template is not included the new label type could be easily defined and saved. Our software prints the following library labels, tags, or cards: barcode labels, spine labels, category labels, book cards, pocket labels, shelf labels, patron id cards, grade labels, reading level labels.

Review label types, the size, number of labels per page, how much information you can include, check the price, and choose the one that is the best for your library.

If you know which label type you would like to use go to your favorite library or office store and purchase your labels.

Every library has different preferences for organizing library data. If all your items have to be catalogued from scratch, maybe you would like to use pre-printed labels. We don't print and sell labels.

We offer free ready-to-use barcode labels that are in the PDF files. You can print all or selected pages on your laser or inkjet printer.

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