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Define library fine, future fine options.

Use Fines: activates fines in the library manager, the library administrator window gives access to Manage Fines, Fines tables. Program calculates fines according to the default and fine rule settings.

Use Future Fines: activates future fines functionality. If item is overdue and is not returned the program shows the current fine value.

library fines, define lost item fine

New Fine Options (version 3.3)

You can link the "lost item fine" to a data field and use it with the Item Lost Fine feature. Enter the exact data field name into the box (PRICE). You can use any data field (REPLACE_COST, VALUE, or your choice).

You can predefine "damaged item fine" and use it with the Item Damaged Fine feature. Enter the fine into the box.

enter book prices

Enter book prices into the PRICE data field.

add fine, item lost fine

Add item lost fine:

Even though the item is lost, we suggest to process the check-in transaction. Mark the book as "temporary lost".

Click Fines (1) and click Item Lost Fine (2). Review the fine transaction and click Add Fine (3).

How to edit book data in the check-in window?

Question: I would like to learn how to set fines for lost books as the price of the book, for damaged items, as a set price. I would like to learn how to set the price of each item to show up in the library item list on the main screen as one of the columns.

Answer: You can turn on the fines in the Options window. For example, to use the book's price as the lost book fine, enter the field's name that stores the book price value. You can review the guide on using the library's catalog grid (define the displayed columns).

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