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How to modify library add/edit data forms (v3.4 and up)?

Data Entry Form Designer (v3.4 and up)

This topic explains how to use the Data Entry Form Designer dialog box:

  • insert or remove the field
  • change the order of the data fields on the page
  • change the number of the data entry/edit page
  • define the name of the data entry page

You can access Data Entry Form Designer from the Options, click Data Entry Forms.

library form insert remove fields

library form insert remove fields

Insert or remove the field:
In the Field List section (1), click the check box in front of the field name (2) to insert (check) or remove (uncheck) the field on the form.

library form change order of fields

Change the order:
Select the field (1) in the Field List section and use the Move Up and Move Down buttons (2) to change the position of the field.

library forms add page

Add page:
Click the Add Page (1) button to add a new page, and then enter the new name in the Entry New Name (2) window.

Delete page:
To delete the page, click on the Page name to select the page, and then click the Delete Page button.

Use the Cancel button to abort all changes and close the window. Use the Save button to save all changes.

item (book) general information

library forms library item/book section

The library item Add/Edit form contains two sections:

  • 1. item (book) general information; use: Item Fields, Add Page, Move Up/Down
  • 2. copy information (copy specific information); use: Copy Fields, Add Copy Page, Move Up/Down

copy information (copy specific information)

library forms library copy section

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