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What is the maximum number of records the software can handle?

There is no limit on the number of items or patrons you can catalogue with our database system. The size of the library database is limited by your system. Handy Library Manager is using Firebird SQL database system. In one table you can store approximately 32 TB of data, with the maximum number of rows (equivalent to the number of items in your library) up to 16 billion. This is specification from 2015: Firebird Technical Specifications.

I'm wondering how many items we can store with this software? We have document library with approximately 2000 items that we would track. Also, our agency has two offices with a lending library, will we need to purchase two applications?

The school is looking at buying a program for the library and we would like to know many records, books, DVDs, articles and text books can this database hold or handle.

What is the storage capacity for this software? We have a small library of maybe 10000 records.

We are looking at getting this program for our small library. How many books can we enter into the database?

Answers: There is no limit. We helped libraries to set the system with up to 20,000 items. We tested the system with 40,000 items. You can easily track more than 10000 items. Library with 15000 records takes approximately 10MB of the disk space.

I noticed the website indicates that the application is ideal for libraries with up to 20,000 items. I already asked this question and was answered that there was no limit on the number of items or patrons that can be catalogued with the database system. Can you please clarify, what happens if we have more items to catalogue?

Very large number of library items could delay the display of the Main Library Catalogue window (the grid will load all items). In the case of the slow display define the Display Page Size number in Options.

Question: Large library of 70,000 items. You specify 20,000 limit on your library software. What are the limitations of your program.

Answer: There is no limit on the number of items you would like to enter and manage. We can create a demo library with 70000 items and send it for testing.

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