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Handy Library Self Check Out and Self Check In.

Library administration and patrons can use Check-In and Check-Out apps to process loans and returns without launching the library administrator application.

Library administrators can set the Simple Mode feature. It will support self-check-out and self-check-in for your library members.

How to display "check out, check in" app on the desktop?

library transactions module

The Library Loan module supports check out, check in, renew, and reserve transactions.

check out self mode, no override

Borrowers are not allowed to override loan rules if in Self Check In/Out mode.

check out self mode, use barcode scanner or select from the box

Borrowers can process check out transactions using barcode scanner and barcode labels (1).

Borrowers can process check out transactions manually using selection boxes (otpional) (2).

check out self mode, how to set options

Set Simple Mode to let borrowers process self check in and out transactions. See how to set library options.

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Question: Is there a way to disable the override option for the checkout limit popup? We have our system set up for self-check, but the students are clicking the override option and checking out more than their allowance.

Use check in/check out module. In the library main application set Simple Mode in the Options/Check In-Out.

I was wondering if there is an easy way for our church members to check out books by themselves and not have access to the entire library database? Will the CHECK IN/OUT module be the way to go? If so, how do I get that added to our church library program?

Question: I need a system where the library supervisor maintains the data base however the users can check out items on their own but not be able to change the items in the data base. Is there a way for this program to do that?

Use check in/check out module. You can download, install, and test free library app download.

Question: Also, eventually we will be using the software for people to be able to scan books for checkout. Is there anything we need to purchase to allow people to check out books in this way? In other words, is the basic Handy Library app capable of doing that without any

Answer: Handy Library Manager offers a check-in/check-out app. It's included in the package. No extra payment is required.

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