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How to include a library name on barcode labels?

To print the same text on every label, you can use the header/footer feature. For instance, you can add your library name to the header/footer text box, and it will be printed on all your library labels. To set this up, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Header/Footer option.
  2. Enter your library name in the designated text box.
  3. Define the position of your header/footer on the label.
  4. Select the font type and size you prefer.
  5. Review the settings to ensure they're correct.
  6. Save your label settings and print them out.

include library name on your library labels

Question: I forgot to enquire if it is possible to print the school library name as well on each book label as well?

Answer: This topic explains how to include the school library name on barcode labels.

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