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Handy Library Manager - Electronic and Paper Document Library Management System.

You can easily customize our Handy Library Manager and manage your digital or paper document library.

There are institutions that use our system for tracking: digital documentations, digital and paper documentations, manuals, tutorials, company video recordings, contracts, proposals, reports. Get started in minutes with a free trial of our product.

Conversion of our book library system to special library is easy and smooth.

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Add/Edit data form with the document sample entry. Data fields modified to: Document title, project name, document description, document type, approved by, checked by, document status, customer name, identification, document number, format, document version, document link.

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Library main catalogue. In the view panel links to files are displayed in the form of icons. Icon selection is based on the file extension. Double click on the icon opens the document (file) in the recommended application.

document, file link selection

File entry is simple. Use Select File (1) feature. The whole path with the document name is entered into the selected field (2).

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Library main catalogue. Use copy section to track multiple versions of the document.

 enter file in copy section

Use copy section to track files and multiple versions.

Use Handy Library Manager to store and organize your company's document information. You can easily backup all your databases. Do you have different document libraries? No problem, you can easily manage multiple libraries. Handy Library check in and check out does not lock access when a user has opened a file. Check in and check out together with note entry could serve as a way to track who has edited files and when.

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