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Define fine options. Manage fines.

Handy Library Manager installs with Fine options disabled. You can activate Fines in the Options window.

  • Program installs with Fine options disabled.
  • Open Options, click Fine Options tab.
  • Check Use Fines option(1).
  • Check Use Future Fines option (it will display fines for overdue items that are not returned)(2).

  1. Click Manage Fines.

  1. All fine transactions are displayed: fines and payments.
  2. Click Show/Fines to display only fine transactions.
  3. Click Show/Payments to display only payment transactions.

  1. Click Show/Payments to display payment transactions.

  1. Click Display Fine Summary. When you check this option the Show section lists new options (All, Overdue, Overpaid).
  2. Program automatically totals all fines and payments for each borrower and displays totals.
  3. Click Show/Overdue Fines to display borrowers with overdue payments.
  4. Click Show/Overpaid Fines to display borrowers with overpaid balances.

  1. Select library patron.
  2. Click Miscellaneous tab.
  3. Select command (print overdue notice, email overdue notice, pay fine, add fine, edit borrower).
  4. Click Execute.

  1. Sample of the Print Overdue notice.
  2. You can customize print/email notices.

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