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  1. Print Labels feature is optimized for the following page formats: letter, legal, a4. We suggest to use regular laser printers.
  2. laser printers, price range $60.00 - $200.00:check the price, buy now at amazon.com

Handy Library user: "By the way, we are using a receipt printer (versus a standard printer) and it is working quite fine! After downloading the driver, we simply selected the new printer and the print view adjusted accordingly. Just wanted to let you know!"

Specialized Label Printers

Specialized label printers are very expensive (cost is similar to the cost of our software). Label template creation is very complex. We would have to test all drivers and label types and sizes. We do not support them in our software. Do not buy one. If you have one you can try to define custom template and check if it is working.

We found durable labels that you can use in your library applications and the quality is equal to specialized labels used with thermal label printers.

Planning Your Library Purchases

Example, Thermal Label Printer versus Laser Printer, planning your library purchases:

ZebraGC420t, cost about $350
Avery Label 937106, cost about $10 per 250 labels, 6000 labels will cost about $240.
TOTAL: $590

HP Laser Jet Printer, cost about $150
Avery Label 5160, cost about $35 per 3000 labels, 6000 labels will cost about $70.
TOTAL: $220

Question: I would like to be able to use a scanner with this program. My school library has given me a WoneNice laser barcode scanner. Is this scanner compatible with Handy Library Manager? If not, which scanner do you recommend?

Answer: WoneNice is a good choice for our library system.

Question: Can you kindly let me know what types of scanners are compatible with this program? And once we have purchased the scanner, how do we link it so that the Handy Library Manager recognizes it?

Answer: Any 1-D bar code scanner support check in/out, auto-cataloging features. You just connect the scanner with the computer and our software recognizes it.

Question: Receipt printer options; Windows 10; we've been given a Hillpow 58mm Thermal Receipt printer. I just want to confirm that it will work with this program.

Use the printer driver when printing receipts. The printer should work with our software.

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