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How to display a number of check out transactions per month?

Number of Loans By Year_Month

Your library has loan transactions processed over several years. You would like to see the number of circulations by month together with the year (example "2018 / 01").

Explanation: the SQL query extracts month number from the loan date (January will be 1), to have results in order the month number is converted to 01.

library circulation transactions by month plus year, sql query

Question: We are attempting to write a query which pulls out the loans by month. The issue we are having is we cannot pull out the year data in addition to the month. We would like to be able to specify the year in addition to the month. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Question: I have a question. On the Loans by Month report that you created for us, is there any way to specify the year. Our reporting year runs from July to June so it gets a little confusing when we do not have years on there to clarify which year the information is being pulled from. If you could help me out with this I would really appreciate it.

Answer: Please copy and paste the above query from the query box into Handy Library Manager.

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