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Help, how to topics > Custom Views > How to save a new custom view?

The Custom Views window opens with the first custom view selected.

Delete the content of the Custom View Definition (1) box (just highlight the text and use Delete button on your keyboard, you can also use popup menu commands).

Enter SQL query (view definition) into the Custom View Definition (1) box:

  1. You can copy and paste our SQL query (view definition)
  2. Enter manually your SQL query (view definition)
  3. You can load SQL query from the View Assistant (2) (click OK in the View Assistant).

Click Display to see the view.

Click Save View to save the view for future use.

In the Save Custom View window enter your view name into the Save Custom View As box. Click Save.

The new custom view is added to the Custom Views list.

Click on the Custom Views list and select the new view.

Click Display to display the new view.

The new custom view is displayed.

Could you show me where to find information on what and how the SQL definitions under Statistics, Custom View Assistant work, specifically the "copies per title" sort process? Can't find anything in the online support pages.
Under the statistics tab, there are a selection of reports available including Copies Per Title. This report appears to list the actual number of copies of each book title in the library.
Is this specific SQL language? My question is how can I design and run reports including using the Count(*) element, to include number of copies. I'd like to include data in addition to Title and Count in the statistics report.

Handy Library uses Firebird SQL language.

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