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How to define reading program data fields?

This topic explains:

  • How to rename custom data fields?
  • How to use custom data fields with the reading program ?

  • In the Options/Maintenance window click the Change Field Names button.

  • Select LIBRARY in the Database box.

  1. Select CUSTOM1, enter INTEREST_LEVEL, click Update.
  2. Select CUSTOM2, enter READING_LEVEL, click Update.
  3. Select CUSTOM3, enter POINTS, click Update.
  4. Select CUSTOM4, enter PROGRAM_NOTES, click Update.

  • New field names are displayed: Interest Level, Reading Level, Points, Program Notes. You can use other names, you can modify only one or two data fields.
  • Click Next.

  • Click Apply Changes to save new field names.

  • New data fields displayed on the Quick Edit form.

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