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How to print labels with reading program data?

This topic explains:

  • How to print labels with: reading level, category, author, and title?
  • How to use different label design features?
  • How to set font size, label margins, field attributes?

When you design your labels think about the way you organize your books on shelves and/or boxes. Labels should help librarians, volunteers, teachers, or students to place them back where they belong. Book labels help students select books based on the level they are reading and the content they are looking for.

  • In the Library Main window click on the Labels box and select New Labels.
  • The Print Labels Window opens with 3 preselected data fields (1). Click the double red arrow icon (2) to remove the preselected data fields.

  • Click Label Type, select Avery 5160 (3 labels across and 10 labels down).
  • You are not limited to this type, you can select any predefined label. If the type you would like to use is not listed you can contact us, we will create a new label definition.

  • Select data fields in the All Fields box (1). Click the single green arrow icon (2) to include the field in the Included Fields box (3).

  • There are 4 data fields in the Included Fields, they will be printed in the following order: READING_LEVEL, CATEGORY, AUTHOR, TITLE.
  • The READING_LEVEL is selected, you can set the field option in the Field Attributes and Field Justification sections (1). (Bold fonts will be applied to READING_LEVEL).
  • Global Field settings (2): options in this section will apply to all data fields. In this case No Text Wrapping is selected (long data values will be cut at the end of the label line, example: TITLES).

  • CATEGORY field is selected. Underline and Right Justification will be applied to this field.

  • Define the label body margins. Margins are symmetrical; it means that the left margin defines the right margin.
  • The font type and size you can define on the Body page. Click the Change Font button. Select the font type and size.
  • Click Preview Labels to display the label report preview.

  • Reading level displayed in the top left corner, category is underlined and is right justified followed by item's author and item's title that are left justified.

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