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How to print library items grouped by reading level?

This topic explains:

How to create a report:

  • report is in the table form with the following data fields: CATEGORY, TITLE, AUTHOR, READING_LEVEL, POINTS
  • items are grouped by READING LEVEL
  • items are sorted by reading level/category/author

  • In the Library Main window click on the Report box and select NEW REPORT.

  • Click the double red arrow icon to remove preselected data fields.
  • Select data fields in the All Fields box (CATEGORY). Click the single green arrow icon to include the field in the Included Fields box.

  • There are 5 data fields in the Included Fields. They will be printed in the following order: CATEGORY, TITLE, AUTHOR, READING_LEVEL, POINTS.
  • Note: the total column width is 1.2+3+1.5+1.3+1=7 (inches) (1) and is less than the page width (printable section).
  • To change the column width: select the field, enter a new value into the Width box, click the Set Width button to save the new value (2).
  • Select READING_LEVEL in the Group By box (3). Library items will be grouped by reading level value.
  • Select READING_LEVEL in the All Field box and click the singular green icon to include the field in the Group Header box (4).

  • Report preview: library items grouped by reading level.

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