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How to customize the add/edit form?

This topic explains:

  • How to modify data entry/edit form?
  • Hot to define reading program data entry form?

  • Open Windows File Explorer.
  • Click C:/handy_lib/ (1), click data (2), click db (3), and find library.frm (4) file.

Modify data entry form, create entry page for reading program values.

  • Open library.frm in the Windows Notepad text editor program.
  • Enter the following line

    Reading-Program - tab name
    30,31,32,33 - numbers represent fields from library table (originally they represented CUSTOM1, CUSTOM2, CUSTOM3, CUSTOM4 data fields. They were renamed to represent data fields for reading program data entries. Names were changed but positions in the library table are the same).

  • The Add/Edit Library Item form with the new tab definition.
  • The data entry form is ready for reading program entries: interest level, reading level, quiz points, or program notes.
  • Please review how to change data field names article.

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