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How to export data from a custom view? (v3.0)

You can export data from a custom view to a formatted text file or a xml file. You can load this file to any spreadsheet application (Excel, Google Sheets, Zoho Sheets, ...).

export data from custom view to spreadsheet

Execute custom view definition.

Click Export Custom View.

In this case Items Never Loaned Out are displayed.

Select Export Format.

Select data fields.

Select export options.

Enter or select an export to file.

The exported file is saved in the C:/handy_lib/data/db/expimp/ folder.

Click on the file to open.

Select the content of the text file.

Copy the selected content.

Paste the content into Excel.

Could you show me where to find information on what and how the SQL definitions under Custom View Assistant work, specifically the "copies per title" sort process?
My question is how can I design and run reports and export library results to excel spreadsheet.?

Handy Library uses Firebird SQL language.

Could you please let me know how handy library system can export the loaned items into an excel file?

In the Custom Views you can define any SQL query and export results to a text formatted file that you you can open in Excel. We provide help with SQL queries for user with valid support.

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