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Library Administrator; Predefined reports, labels, or statistics

The middle section gives you quick access to predefined reports, labels, or statistics.

Handy Library Manager offers many simple, ready-to-use templates. If you need complex customized results, you can contact us. We have already helped many librarians.

access predefined reports, labels, views, stats

library administrator: run report, sample

How to run reports from the library administrator window?

This lesson will show how to run the "outstanding items by borrower" report from the library administrator window.

Check-out and check-in transactions are recorded in the loans table.

In this table, we defined an overdue items report which offers the list of borrowers/items with the following condition: return-date is empty (item not returned), and current-date is greater than return-due-date (item is overdue).

In the Report Catagory box, select the LOAN table (1). It will display the complete list of ready-to-use reports in the Reports box. Choose one (2) and then click Print/Preview Report (3).

library administrator: print report window, preview and print report

You can preview the report on the screen in the Print Report window and finally print it on the selected printer.

If you choose the PDF printer driver, you can save the report as a PDF document.

run the same report from the Manage Loans window

Reports you can access in another way. The same report you can access directly from the Manage Loans window. Open Manage Loans, define the filter (1), click on the Reports list, and select one (2).

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