Handy Library Manager
 for Windows

Library Administrator.

The library administrator window contains the tabbed toolbars, the middle section, and the bottom summary panel.

The tabbed toolbars give you quick access to all library functions. You can display your library's general information and access all predefined reports, labels, or statistics in the central part. In the bottom part, review totals and check hint messages.

library administrator: main library functions

The Main Toolbar gives you convenient access to the most often used library features.

Circulations (1) Library / Patron (2) Library Loans, Fines, Reservations (3)

library administrator: add items, patrons commands

The Add Items/Borrowers toolbar gives you access to "add data in bulk" features (auto-catalog items using ISBN list, import catalog/patron data from spreadsheet or Marc file).
Add LibraryItems
Add Borrowers

library administrator: access all library tables

The Edit/View Table toolbar gives you access to all data tables used by our library database system.

library administrator: library backup commands

The Backup toolbar: It is recommended that you back up your data regularly, once a week or once a month.

library administrator: maintenance features

The Maintenance toolbar: the maintenance toolbar offers you access to the set of advanced library functions (process inventory, start new library).

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